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This page provides forms for bug reports and feature requests.

Please contact me via email or social media if things are not working properly.

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What Makes a Good Feature Request?
To make sure your voice is heard as clearly as possible, below we offer some advice on how to structure your feedback request. At the end of this document is a Feature Request Template that you can use to more easily incorporate that structure into your request.
One Thing at a Time, Please
"When someone is passionate about a tool, it's natural to have lots of ideas about how to make it even more valuable. Dumping all.of those ideas in one place, though, can make it difficult to tease apart the pieces into work that we can take action on. The most effective feature requests cover one feature. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can only request one feature - just that each feature request is best off covering one thing only."
The Problem and the Solution Are Separate Things
In the template at the end of this document, there are separate sections for the problem you'd like to solve, and your proposed feature that addresses the problem. We ask for this because there may be many potential solutions to the issue you're raising, and explaining the problem separate from the proposed solution gives the product team a better jumping-off point for exploring multiple enhancements that would help you.
Part of a good feature request is making clear why the proposed feature is valuable to you - and by extension, to the Spark creator community as a whole. Does the feature shave a few minutes off a project workflow? Or a few hours? Will this help you address client requests that you can't fulfill now, allowing you to expand your business? Have you dreamed up a game-changer that will steer the future of AR?
Understanding where the value lies helps the Spark product team allocate resources to bring the most value to the creator community.
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